Energy Premier: Serbian Blockchain based electricity retail bidding platform


Energy Premier is an advanced blockchain-based electricity retail bidding platform that allows users to trade electricity in a faster, safer and cheaper way, by utilizing the EPC token smart contract.

It is the future of electricity trading built with a single goal in mind to give the power over energy back to the people through blockchain and decentralization.

Energy Premier aims at redefining the way retail energy power is bought and sold across the world.


How Does Energy Premier Work?

Energy Premier, as a token-based electricity bidding platform, allows consumers and suppliers to trade electricity using the EPC token, through electricity bidding sessions. It enables decentralized and direct access to the market, eliminating intermediaries, distance in trading and driving pricing transparency. The use of the blockchain technology makes Energy Premier completely trustworthy and reliable. Not only it ensures that tokens, which are sent to a recipient, are delivered within seconds, but also provides added security due to smart contracts embedded in the process – eliminating the potential for fraud.

Furthermore, the platform offers the opportunity to smart grid suppliers to auction their electricity via the platform in exchange for the EPC tokens, while smart meter owners can integrate their smart meters and enable instant payment via the token.

The Energy Premier pre-sale has already started. Register as a supplier or a consumer and explore all the possibilities that Energy Premier offers to its users. The whitelisting process usually takes two business days and you can sign up at

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Energy Premier – Token Model Depiction


Meet Energy Premier’s team members:


Thor Morten Wangen Promotion of the Energy Premier story – Communication to consumers – Scaling of user base

Both consumers and electricity suppliers benefit from Energy Premier. Consumers can get the lowest possible price by launching an auction session; they can also be grouped through the platform and access the electricity suppliers as a consumer group and achieve even greater benefits. Suppliers can access an enormous number of consumers through auction sessions with unprecedented efficiency, knowing each consumer’s profile before they access the session. After the auction session, the details of the obligation (price, etc.) are recorded on the Blockchain, thus protecting both parties from malversations or illegal changes of conditions. For other benefits, see:  




Blagoja Petrushev General Management of software development. Platform stability and compliance. Tech innovation

The importance of such a project is primarily reflected in the fact that it is making the entire commercial energy sector far more efficient and transparent. On the one hand, consumers can now gain access to all suppliers quickly and efficiently, while, on the other hand, all suppliers (including electricity producers, wholesalers, and retailers) can get to the consumers exactly during the period when they need them the most. Benefits of energy development of a country include increasing the competitiveness of the energy sector, enabling new suppliers to reach customers more easily and establish themselves on the market; more options for consumers in terms of suppliers, new opportunities for green energy consumers, lower electricity prices for consumers, more space for reinvestment of saved expenses, and so on. Globally, Energy Premier is one of the very few concrete breakthroughs in using Blockchain technology in the energy sector with a very user-friendly solution and a token with the vision to become the standard in the trade of electric and other types of energy in the future. For more information about the scale of this project and the current progress of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), please see here:                           


Kevin Karl Castlunger Expansion across geographies. Formation of key market partnerships

Serbia is a country with very brave people who have reached a certain level of resistance and endurance that can rarely be seen, due to the history of the country. Therefore, Serbia is very interesting for entrepreneurship, and especially for Blockchain innovations. Serbia has highly skilled people in the IT sector, and as Blockchain does not depend on the location too much, this offers smaller countries such as Serbia the opportunity to become serious players. Serbia may be far from becoming one of the most relevant locations for Blockchain, but right now is absolutely the time for the country to do so. Becoming a leader in Blockchain does not require as many resources as it requires making effort in the right direction, setting up ecosystems, regulations, and dedication. These are some of the reasons why I think that it’s very interesting that we are innovating Energy Premier in Serbia and still launching a platform of this kind in numerous countries around the world. You can read more about our expansion plans in the Whitepaper


Luka Prelevic Strategic positioning of Energy Premier. Market partnerships. Business model innovation

 The Energy Premier platform uses blockchain in different ways. The primary use case is keeping the record of the obligation elements arising from the auction session on the Blockchain, therefore making sure that both sides can be certain of the transparency and accuracy of their transaction elements and the fact that there was no malversation. An additional use case consists of consumers and energy suppliers being able to trade energy in our EPC tokens, which is much faster, cheaper and more secure than today’s way of trading through fiat currencies. Furthermore, our platform is useful to crypto miners as well, because they can get the lowest price for electricity, and then convert the “mined” cryptocurrencies into EPC tokens through the exchange and thus pay for the electricity. Moreover, our platform will also enable smart grid electricity producers (for example, home solar panel owners) to auction their production capacity through our platform. Finally, consumers will be able to integrate their smart meters with our platform and enable “instant” payment of electricity with EPC tokens.