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Serbia as a Top Blockchain Destination? Yes, that is why Serbian Blockchain Initiative is born

With the desire to help an increasing number of people interested in Blockchain technology, a group of local experts has teamed up to create the Serbian Blockchain Initiative, an industry network for businesses implementing blockchain solutions.  

Serbian Blockchain Initiative members are working together to create an environment where blockchain technology can thrive. This collaborative effort aims at building an ecosystem and a community for all emerging companies by sharing best practices and engaging with the government regarding needed legislation and regulation.

Why Serbia? The latest blockchain talent pool screening showcased that right now Serbia has approximately 130 blockchain developers. This positions Serbia as one of the top blockchain destinations for Blockchain R&D globally. With that trend in mind, SBI teamed up with local and foreign blockchain experts in this initiative with a single mission, to consolidate and expand the blockchain community in Serbia.

There are three main threads SBI will be focusing on: Our mission is to connect corporations, developers, policy-makers, and enthusiasts in order to foster knowledge sharing, testing, and development of impactful blockchain applications.

  • Education regarding Blockchain and Digital Economy;
  • Promotion of Blockchain businesses based in Serbia;
  • Support in development of Blockchain related legislation and regulation.

SBI helps members express legal uncertainties, and prevent litigation. We can help you identify, and manage legal risks just as we can help you build a #blockchain related company in Serbia by providing R&D services. Check out SBI members willing/delighted to help to achieve SBI goals.

It’s our job to show why Serbia is a go-to place to start your blockchain business. To effectively encompass opportunities that blockchain technology brings, these main themes are divided into various services.

Serbia as a Top Blockchain Destination