Alex Migitko


  1. Blockchain

  2. Management

Alex Migitko is a serial entrepreneur and blockchain engineer and practitioner with over 12 years of professional IT industry experience in various areas including: complex payment-related solutions, online games & blockchain development, business operations and business development. He has held C-level positions in several IT companies with the focus in aforementioned fields.

Alex has a vision of the world where cooperation between people and organizations is as frictionless as it can be. To that extent, he is focusing on higher-level solutions and implementations, recognizing opportunities and going for them.

Currently, Alex is the Co-Founder and CEO of RealMarket, a software development company with a mission to create innovative, efficient and practical software solutions to support and create trust and communication linking startups with potential investors, experts, and partners who can help them succeed. He is also Co-Founder of Blinking, one of the first DID (digital ID) blockchain solutions which are GDPR-friendly and incorporates an enterprise level KYC system.