Dragan Lončar


  1. Digital Economy

  2. Token Economy

  3. Finance


Dragan Lončar is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, teaching Project Management and Strategic Management. He is the vice-dean for corporate cooperation at the Faculty of Economics. In 2003, he completed a Master’s degree in Management at Cambridge University, and his PhD in 2007 at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade. He completed his postdoctoral research studies in the field of financial management in 2009 at the University of Chicago. He is a holder of the CFA license.

Mr. Lončar has been engaged as a project consultant by leading companies in Serbia – Victoria Group, Carnex, Parking Service, Deus Group, Infostan, Frikom, as well as by several major companies abroad, such as Cambridge Antibody Technology, British Petroleum, TransOil, Flag, Abbott and MicroSave. He is the founder and managing partner of Peterhof Consulting, a boutique consulting company in Belgrade, Serbia.