Mališa Pušonja

Ardent engineer motivated to find out new patterns and a whole new world. In a love with naming things that no one has named. Love to mix & match this with various other concepts like sacrificial architecture, strangler pattern, Atwood’s Law, Dietlzer’s law and as output plan and execute the best MVP building phase possible.

Mališa has started his R&D adventure as the Teaching assistant at Faculty of Computer Science on the Genetic Algorithms course, Department of New Software Technologies. He continued working as Developer of a number of small plugins (WordPress,  Java) while He was writing a Ph.D. dissertation on the topic in Philosophy of Computer Science. During the next years, Mališa was Front-end and Back-end Full Stack PHP Angular working on new features; He used the virtual environment, e.g. Puppet/Vagrant and continued his professional career as Lead Full Stack Developer at Vibe Network working on AngularJS/JQuery, Ansible, CSS/HTML) parallax sites), MySQL/MongoDB, PHP/NodeJS, RabbitMQ, Varnish. After a successful career as a Lead Developer and a few tenures as a Director of Engineering, Mališa becomes expert and lead of Blockchain R&D teams and engineering processes.

On behalf of Devana Labs (obtaining Chief Research and Development Engineer position), Mališa built Lemon e-mail, world’s first encrypted and decentralized e-mail service, using Ethereum & IPFS decentralized platforms. In 2016 Mališa became Head of Research and Development at MVP Workshop team, dealing with wide range of Blockchain projects. Of note is the recent one – Celsius Network white paper and smart contract proof of concept as well as DApps and ICO development. As a CTO, Mališa’s daily tasks include building bridges and network with blockchain community and managing current cryptocurrency and ICOs operations and oversee the Blockchain architecture of future expansion. A great mixture of Philosophy, Data Science and Engineering has made Mališa to be considered as a leading Blockchain R&D Expert, internationally.