Miloš Milovanović


  1. Hyperledger Fabric

  2. Data Management

  3. Biometrics

  4. Blockchain security


Miloš Milovanović, PhD is entrepreneur and assistant professor at the University of Belgrade.
He is a multiple award winning scientist in the area of information technology. He authored more than 80 highly regarded journal and conference papers. He is a long-standing member of ACM and IEEE Society. He authored one of the most innovative biometric human gait recognition systems based on structured lighting.

Currently, he is a Head of Innovation center for information and communication technology development at the University of Belgrade.

He is a founder and CEO of ProudSource IT, a successful cutting edge software development company.

He is the co-founder of Blinking company and co-author of, one of the first DID (digital ID) solutions on the blockchain. is a product developed on Hyperledger Fabric, where he is one of the pioneers in exploiting this technology.