Nikola Cvijović


  1. Digital Currencies

  2. Wallet

  3. Crypto Exchange


After almost 10 years dealing with computers (at first as a hobby and educational tool) I decided to start my own company Dazoni d.o.o. in 2001. Under my lead company went through different phases ( hardware distribution, computer service, building and maintaining computer networks) basically offering full service to small business companies which is now the main area of work for Dazoni d.o.o.

I was fully involved in Dazoni until 2011, when I entered Crypto space through Bitcoin mining. From 2012 I am fully committed to Bitcoin related projects. Together with my highschool friend co-founded online local bitcoin exchange in Serbia. Since then, company has extended range of services, we now have a network of Bitcoin ATM’s , franchise for cryptocurrency news portal – and we are also offering Bitcoin and blockchain related educational courses and trainings.