Rusmir Dedić

Rusmir Dedić gained his first working experience in the Finance department – Ministry of Agriculture (Government of the Republic of Serbia). After this tenure, he moved to a Banking sector as an e-Banking administrator. He has been entrusted with the project of establishing internal Contact center (a brand new department). After two years, he was offered a role of being a Head of Contact center by a different bank, to share his experience and to help them switch from an external to an internal Contact center. The success of the project lead project team to establish a new sub-department – Complaint office.

Rusmir’s career path led him to the current job at Bitstamp, one of the leading Cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, as a Head of Customer care department, where he is currently handling 6 sub-departments, including 100+ employees.
His motto is ”Never give up because great things take time.”