Blockchain Academy - Kreni4 conference

30.11.2018, 13:00

The second day of KreNI4 conference was reserved for workshops.

KreNI4 has collaborated with the Blockchain Academy and, for that cause, brought Ivan Bjelajac, Co-founder and the President of Serbian Blockchain Initiative.

Blockchain Academy is based on the nine-weeks intensive educational process on the development of a smart deal through the theoretical and practical program. Blockchain Hub Serbia for this cause provided scholarships for 20 young people from Niš with the help of its partners – CSO Young Ambassadors, Archimedes binary, Blockchain System Ltd and Ni CAT Cluster. One of their lectures and workshops was today within the KreNI4 conference at the Start-up center, located at the Faculty of Electronics, Niš.

Ivan’s topic for this talk and workshop was „500 years of Blockchain in Serbia“. Although it sounds unrealistic, since the term „blockchain“ is pretty new to us, Ivan’s presentation was remarkable. He shared his knowledge about the topics such as Blockchain history, use of Blockchain, the double spending problem, Blockchain technology market, bitcoin, and Blockchain related architectures.