What is SBI?

Serbian Blockchain Initiative is an industry network for businesses implementing blockchain solutions. SBI members work together to create an environment where blockchain technology can thrive. This collaborative effort aims to build an ecosystem for all emerging companies by sharing best practices, educating the community and engaging with government regarding needed regulations.

To effectively encompass opportunities that blockchain technology brings, the initiative operates through 3 fundamental pillars:
– Support for development of blockchain legislation and regulation,
– Promotion of blockchain businesses based in Serbia,
– Education regarding blockchain and digital economy

Who are we?

SBI is created with a purpose of developing a strong blockchain ecosystem in Serbia. All members are dedicated to creating a community and a support system for all local blockchain efforts. SBI is comprised of leading foreign and domestic experts with different industrial backgrounds, but with shared passion towards this emerging industry.

Collectively, SBI members help advance the adoption of blockchain technology in Serbia and work together to advocate for appropriate regulatory and policy settings.

Members may also participate in individual Industry Working Groups which collaborate to develop policy recommendations and other initiatives in specific areas of common interest. Specialised functional working groups largely made up of representatives of partner members provide expert advice in the technical, regulatory and accounting domains.

Principal Architect and member of LT, Microsoft Development Center Serbia

Milan Novaković

Founder at Minebox; Managing Director of ZeroConfirmation

Vlado Petrušev

Associate Professor and Head of Laboratory, Uni.BG - Department of Information Technology

Miroslav Minović

Founder & Chief Business Designer at NEW STARTEGY

Miša Lukić

ICT processes, controls and compliance specialist, Banca Intesa Belgrade

Luka Milinković

Executive Director for Marketing at Societe Generale Serbia

Vuk Kosovac

Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics in Belgrade

Dragan Lončar

Grid Singularity / Energy Web Foundation, COO / Foundation Council Member

Ana Trbović

Co-Founder and CEO of RealMarket, Co-Founder of Blinking

Alex Migitko


From education to business model development and customer experience, SBI helps all blockchain companies that are looking to start a business in Serbia. Members will receive professional consultations and legal advice that will serve as guidance on their road to success.


In financial and tech industry tokenization of assets becomes a prevalent topic. That’s why SBI provides members with a solution that fits into any existing decentralized infrastructure and is in alignment with Serbian and International digital assets regulation.


Identifying and mitigating regulatory risks presents a paramount challenger for a new industry such as this one. Blockchain companies need hesitance in order to minimize uncertainty and prevent litigation. SBI is here to help and guide its members.


The process of digitalization implies much more than scanning and storing documents in a digital format. It requires the right Digital Asset Management strategy that will be a foundation of a system for organizing and utilizing all the stored data.


Serbia is identified as one of top 5 countries in the world when it comes to finding blockchain developers and experts. Besides providing R&D services, SBI is here to help members find and nurture best talents and build a strong team in Serbia.


It is apparent that emerging sharing economy models are disrupting the traditional way of doing business. By sharing best practices and developing use cases SBI facilitates the development of new business models that are fit for today’s decentralized market.


SBI members believe that in order to create a sustainable community there needs to be an exchange of knowledge and information. Events and meetups are the ideal platforms for spreading good practices and getting feedback that is why SBI will always support the community through these kinds of activities.

Read the news and in-depth articles written by industry experts that want to share their knowledge and experience.

SBI blog aims to publish latest highlights from blockchain industry including best practises, security tips, news on local and international regulations, etc.


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While blockchain’s potential is transformational, the landscape is still new and developing. Companies gathered around SBI come from variety of industries but share a common passion for blockchain and technical innovation in general. This diversity of experience is an important asset in solving new problems and finding solutions through mutual collaboration.

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