Serbian Blockchain Initiative is a non-profit, non-government organization, with the purpose of supporting blockchain adoption in Serbia and enhancing the ability for Serbian blockchain businesses to compete globally.


Our mission

Our mission is to make Serbia one of the leading nations in the adoption of blockchain, to bring real-world impact with economic sustainability. We promote the comprehensive adoption of blockchain technology across the public and private sectors in Serbia and globally. SBI connects relevant industry players to advance the understanding, acceptance, and application of blockchain technology.

Industry Development

We want to make Serbia a knowledge hub that accelerates the number of successful projects and develops more blockchain talents working in our country.

Key initiatives

  • Knowledge-sharing and providing assistance to start-ups and companies
  • Fostering the exchange of ideas and facilitating co-operation via events
  • Enhancing blockchain education and deepening the Serbian talent pool
  • Providing access to different both local and foreign grants and funds
Industry Development

International recognition

SBI facilitate partnerships that promote Serbian businesses across the World and increase their capacity.

Key initiatives

  • Global Advisory Network - all our Committees are exceptional business executives
  • International Partnerships with similar blockchain associations around the World
  • Business Networking events to increase the awareness of Serbian ecosystem
  • SBI’s Yearly Conference as a flagship event for all our members and partners
Industry Development


Members and partners

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