Blockchain Advisory from Malta Advising Government of Serbia

After a successful Western Balkans Digital Summit, Blockchain Advisory (BCA) announced that thanks to the partnership with USAID Serbia Cooperation for Growth Project, it is now formally advising the Government of Serbia to implement various initiatives in relation to distributed ledger technology and crypto-assets.


Blockchain advisory (BCA) is a fast-growing team of regulatory and technology experts, that introduced blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to Malta back in 2013, and are assisting numerous blockchain-based and cryptocurrency-related projects such as token generation events, crypto funds, and cryptocurrency exchanges in becoming leaders of the upcoming shift in global technology. Its partners, Jonathan Galea and Anton Dalli, boast of over nine years’ worth of collective experience in the blockchain space and offer a holistic suite of advisory services ranging from legal advice to fundamental knowledge vis-à-vis project structures.


In the past few days, BCA engaged in meetings with various stakeholders in Serbia, including the Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Finance, Office of the Prime Minister, Securities Commission, and the Serbian Blockchain Initiative was a big part of it.


The outcome was a positive one, and BCA will be working on several verticals in relation to the preparation of a holistic strategy for the implementation of distributed ledger technology in Serbia.



Special thanks go to Mr. Jonathan Galea, Managing Director of the Blockchain Advisory, Malta who was our guest and participant at Blockchain panel. Jonathan is a keynote speaker in more than 30 conferences, one of the first evangelists on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in Malta, blockchain regulation advisor to the Maltese government, author of one of the world’s first fully-fledged legal thesis on the subject back in 2015, titled “The effect of Bitcoin on money laundering law” and co-founder of BitMalta, a non-profit organization that was one of initiators and advisors to Maltese government in creating a blockchain regulatory framework.



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