Call for consultation on regulation of crypto-assets

Public consultation regarding trading and additional regulation of cryptocurrencies and digital tokens in Serbia

The Securities Commission has launched the public consultation process regarding the issue, trading and additional regulation of cryptocurrencies and digital tokens in Serbia. The consultation has been launched in cooperation with the Office of the Prime Minister Ana Brnabić by making public the Consultation Paper and will be open to the public for more than two months, until 15 May 2019.

The call is addressed to all interested parties, primarily to the expert public and the persons already dealing with crypto assets, with an objective to express their views and suggestions and provide comments to the presented analysis and preliminary Commission standpoints.

The Consultation Paper contains the basic outline of the prospective new legal framework to additionally regulate the crypto assets. Prior to potential drafting of the relevant legal enactments widening the regulation of crypto assets, the Commission will take into account all the answers, views and interpretations expressed in the course of the consultation process.

The consultation process has been initiated considering the importance of support to the development of digital technologies and the need to ensure financial stability and legal security in crypto asset transactions and above all – additional investor protection.

Serbian Blockchain Initiative invites all interested companies, to join us in a joint comment on Consultation Paper.

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