Blockchain Thoughts for the New Year

We see blockchain entering Mainstream as a recognized system, which in our opinion will be approx.

  1. We see blockchain entering Mainstream as a recognized system, which in our opinion will be approx. in 2 years, when two worlds, centralized and decentralized, meet them halfway, for example as they did in IBM.
  2. In regulatory front, the key is productive cooperation which will establish and clarify equity crowdfunding regulations. Modifying it further to accommodate native token issues to fund software platforms in the era of global decentralized exchanges would seem a useful and logical next step.
  3. We hope Technology platform will reach: Stability, Scalability, and Flexibility
    *Platform sponsors should focus on mass scale adoption, not coin price.
  4. This is the first time in history that valuation and seed-type risk have been liquid and transparent.
  5. Valuation has implications for financial products that can be structured around the tokens of projects that represent seed risk. With Valuation, investors will know that they will receive principal at maturity, while still gaining some exposure to the riskier asset class. Traditionally this doesn’t work well in lower rate interest environments like the present because bond prices aren’t low enough [the difference between par and bond price is the amount which goes into the risky strategy] but the seed-type returns may make up the difference.
  6. In the sense of supporting the core mission of increasing adoption, instead of current ETF’s policy, we should consider qualifying for the initial offering (if, when, and where they happen) investors are required to prove they are accepting cryptocurrency for payment in a business or using it in some other capacity, which may help bring the push for luxury goods inline with the core need for utilization.
  7. Projects that have 4 key ingredients of success - product, team, runway, vision - and are executing on their plan, are being rewarded without performance.
  8. The market will be strengthening in the new year, driven by some recovery in BTC, due to tax buyers.
  9. Some of the interesting projects utilizing stable platforms:
    • Full Vertical Integration and Automation of the Digital Art Markemachine -learning algorithm
    • Distributed Ledger Invoice, Audit and Tax Payment Platform - a merchant puts its entire ledger on the blockchain, uses a new key pair for each transaction, serving as the basis to simplify audits and make tax payments in real-time.
    • Facilitate Sustainable Economic Development - Placing cryptocurrency mining rigs next to renewable sources allows them to utilize the excess power to earn mining rewards, which then act as a kind of synthetic battery to store and monetize the power’s value
  10. The above examples and several others like them represent true revenue models built on top of open blockchains or tapping their value in some other manner, with disruptive powers capable of toppling existing oligopolies. Hidden costs will be exposed, and again, adoption is the key.Proof of work works, it’s time to coalesce around a standard, move to wide-scale adoption, and get more mainstream.

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