Blockchain and new ways of Financing business MBA Guest Lecture

09.02.2019, 14:30

Welcome to the MBA guest Lecture organized by Serbian Blockchain Initiative (SBI) in association with Morkogorska School of Management and Faculty of Organisational Science.

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Mokra Gora Executive MBA (MEMBA) is a Master Business Management program organized according to the highest international standards, tailored to the
newest needs in different industries environment and the challenges that arise. The Mokra Gora School of Management and the Faculty of Organizational Sciences have selected the best programs and lecturers for the best managers of the region, all for the purpose of personal improvement, improvement of organizations from which students come and better
regional countries economies.

For the first time, students will have an opportunity to learn more about new disruptive technology, blockchain from one of the Serbian Initiative founding member, Ċ½eljka Motika, attorney at Law.

All those who participate will get a chance to ask questions and give their opinion regarding new ways of Financing business.



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