Blockchain for lawyers - Smart contracts

Blockchain technology is transforming law. It is creating new practice areas, it is reducing overhead costs and it is creating entirely new business models for legal advice.

Training details

Price for members: €2,000
Number of lecturers: 1
Duration 1hour


This lecture is for lawyers without a technical background in blockchain who want to learn more about blockchain and how it will affect their practice.What will you learn:

  • Understand the concept of decentralization, its impact, and its relationship with blockchain technology;
  • Master the theoretical foundations of the blockchain technology;
  • Grasp the main difference between Public vs Private blockchains;
  • Understand the theoretical foundations of smart contracts;
  • Why Legal Needs blockchain?
  • How will they impact legal practice?
  • Legal Use Cases for Blockchain
  • Reading recommendations


Željka Motika attorney at law Željka Motika is the founder of MOTIKA Law Office, based in Belgrade and founding member of Serbian Blockchain Initiative. During 15 years in the commercial judiciary and corporate advocacy, Željka Motika obtained extensive experience representing technology companies and other clients in sophisticated technology transactions, including IP, software, technology licensing and acquisition. Her focus is on legal issues surrounding financial technologies and blockchain, as well as regulatory developments related to the emerging technologies.

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Blockchain for lawyers

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