Cryptocurrency in business - Using cryptocurrencies as a payment method or investment – business, legal and technical aspects

This training deals with the financial aspect of cryptocurrencies. The goal is to introduce your company management with differences and similarities between cryptocurrencies and traditional money, as well as explaining how and where crypto can be used and what challenges can be encountered when using it.

Training details

Price for members: €3,000
Number of lecturers: 2-3
Duration 6h with breaks


Aleksandar Matanović CEO and Co-Founder of ECD MSc in Digital Currency from the University of Nicosia “I have been in cryptocurrency business since 2011. I started as a miner, then trader and now I am the owner of the local bitcoin exchange (, CoinTelegraph franchise in Serbia ( and one of the founders of the Serbian Bitcoin Association. We have installed the first bitcoin ATM in Serbia (we currently have 3 of them). I am also engaged in promotional and educational activities related to bitcoin.”
Nikola Cvijović COO and Co-Founder of ECD Entered Crypto space through Bitcoin mining. From 2012 fully committed to Bitcoin-related projects. Co-founded first online local bitcoin exchange in Serbia. The company now having a network of Bitcoin ATM's, franchise for cryptocurrency news portal - and also providing professional Bitcoin and blockchain related educational courses and training.

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Cryptocurrency in business

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