Regulation of blockchain business - Jurisdiction comparison

Blockchain-related businesses are still largely unregulated in most countries. Many blockchain-related businesses are seeking regulation in order to prove their credibility.

Training details

Price for members: €3,000
Number of lecturers: 1
Duration 4h with breaks


What will you learn:

  • ICOs vs STOs
  • Token types
  • Explore the different jurisdictions and their approach to Initial Coin Offerings
  • What are the most popular jurisdictions currently and how their regulatory environment works
  • Current overview of the situation in Serbia and neighbor countries


Željka Motika attorney at law Željka Motika is the founder of MOTIKA Law Office, based in Belgrade and founding member of Serbian Blockchain Initiative. During 15 years in the commercial judiciary and corporate advocacy, Željka Motika obtained extensive experience representing technology companies and other clients in sophisticated technology transactions, including IP, software, technology licensing and acquisition. Her focus is on legal issues surrounding financial technologies and blockchain, as well as regulatory developments related to the emerging technologies.

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Regulation of blockchain business

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