Blockchain product design sprint Defining the value of blockchain for your business

How to actually design/build a blockchain product when still most products’ UX is extremely poor and not intuitive for an average Internet user?

Training details

Price for members: €3,000
Number of lecturers: 3
Duration 6h with breaks


This workshop is created for your product-design team where they’re going to pass through key concepts of:

  • User research and analysis;
  • Information infrastructure
  • UI design
  • User experience

After one day, your team will:

  • Shift mindset to design thinking, strategically instead of tactically;
  • Ask a lot of questions, identify problems, and turn them into constructive challenges;
  • Use sketches to communicate ideas. You'll be able to draw eight sketches in less than 15 minutes;
  • Do quick prototype in less than an hour;
  • Run Heuristic evaluation as one of user research methods;
  • Experience Design Critique session as one of user experience methods.


Our lecturers are product-design professionals with around 30+ years of collective experience, that is coming from various backgrounds, starting from front-end development and product management, all the way to product design, UX Design, usability.

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Blockchain product design sprint

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