Blockchain for managers - Understanding the business value of blockchain

How enterprises are actually building blockchain applications for business today?

Training details

Price for members: €2,000
Number of lecturers: 1-2
Duration 4h with breaks


This training is created for leaders, managers and business executives who want to understand how enterprises can use blockchains to:

  • transact directly with trading partners;
  • automatically execute business agreements;
  • instantly track and trace assets through a supply chain;
  • settle transactions quickly and cheaply on a secure platform.

For technology beginners you will learn enough about the underlying technology:

  • how to speak intelligently to blockchain experts and understand what they’re speaking;
  • how to disrupt existing business model and make blockchains for business real;
  • how to overcome business challenges to realize the promised business value;
  • how to focus on increasing efficiency instead of creating new value at first.


Ivan Bjelajac CEO and Co-Founder of MVP Workshop, President of Serbian Blockchain Initiative Passionate about working with people dedicated to building flat organizations, developing products and processes. Driven by a search for game-changing brands that improve consumers’ lives. Interested in Blockchain, Tokenization-based Business Models that actually work, and Blockchain Product Development.


“This training embraced us to shift traditional enterprise mind. They didn’t just do the training, but they educated our people how to think about blockchain, so we are now much more sharp shaped to tackle new projects!”

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Blockchain for managers

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