Cryptocurrency basics - Understanding key concepts, installing wallets, sending and receiving money, analyzing transactions

This training is primarily designed for companies, though not exclusively.

Training details

Price for members: €2,000
Number of lecturers: 2
Duration 4h with breaks


Aleksandar Matanović CEO and Co-Founder of ECD MSc in Digital Currency from the University of Nicosia “I have been in cryptocurrency business since 2011. I started as a miner, then trader and now I am the owner of the local bitcoin exchange (, CoinTelegraph franchise in Serbia ( and one of the founders of the Serbian Bitcoin Association. We have installed the first bitcoin ATM in Serbia (we currently have 3 of them). I am also engaged in promotional and educational activities related to bitcoin.”
Nikola Cvijović COO and Co-Founder of ECD Entered Crypto space through Bitcoin mining. From 2012 fully committed to Bitcoin-related projects. Co-founded first online local bitcoin exchange in Serbia. The company now having a network of Bitcoin ATM's, franchise for cryptocurrency news portal - and also providing professional Bitcoin and blockchain related educational courses and training.

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Cryptocurrency basics

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